ALF Therapy and Oralase

ALF Therapy

ALF Appliances are made from gentle wires and small pieces of plastic designed to mimic the shapes of parts of the mouth with the goal of feeling comfortable and familiar to the lips, teeth, cheeks and tongue. They use gentle, rhythmic, natural and consistent forces intended to produce forces capable of generating not only orthodontic tooth movement, but also due to the unique nature of their sophisticated designs, they are capable of producing results that have far reaching effects to include the brain and the body.  ALF Therapy patients and providers from across the globe have reported results of treatment that are often described as miracles that have changed lives for over three decades.

ALF Therapy is a treatment protocol utilizing a combination of neurological and structural assessments as well as functional and orthodontic therapies designed to guide the patient through their journey in wellness.  While other orthodontic techniques focus on moving teeth, ALF Therapy places priority on utilizing the ALF to train the proper function of the swallow and the bite so that the natural forces and wisdom of the body can work with the patient instead of against them.

ALF Therapy focuses on the patient’s neurological needs as the primary determining factor of care with the goal of not compromising on comfort or quality of care while optimizing function and quality of life.

Oralase Therapy

Gentle, safe and effective treatment designed to improve wellness on many levels

OraLase uses the power of energy delivered through invisible light energy to the areas of the body suffering from pain, loss of mobility or less than optimal function.

The warm, fluid sensations created by the highly specific technology and equipment allow the patient to receive immediate results from therapy including:

  • relief from pain
  • increased range of motion from previously restricted tissues (including and especially tongue restrictions)
  • improved neurological connections between brain and body that allow improvements in both form and function
  • sensations of profound calm and ability to overcome previous obstacles to health and wellness


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