Diode Laser Treatment

State-Of-The-Art Laser Dentistry

Diode Laser Treatment is one way Dr. Havel provides comfortable and non-invasive treatments uses the latest technology. The diode laser technology uses a precisely controlled narrow energy beam. This narrow beam helps with the removal and reshaping of soft tissue or killing of bacteria. The minimally invasive treatment causes less pain and inflammation by treatment seals blood vessels and nerve endings.

Advantages Of Diode Laser Treatments

  • No discomfort as felt with regular drills
  • No bothersome drill sounds or vibrations
  • Anesthesia free
  • Shortened surgery time, often without needing stitches
  • Little to no bleeding or swelling
  • Very little to no pain
  • Faster recovery period
  • Beam sterilizes the area minimizing infections


Diode Laser Procedures:

There are many ways lasers can aid in the dental industry. Dr. Havel offers a wide range of services including:

Treatment Of Gum Disease 

The heat source of the laser is used to kill disease causing bacteria.

Mouth Sore Prevention 

By altering cellular behavior we can prevent or reduce the discomfort of cold or canker sores.

Therapy For Bells Palsy

With biostimulation the laser can aid in the reversal or treatment of facial paralysis.

Gum Tissue Management

Soft tissue modification during crown work.

Wisdom Teeth 

Exposes partially erupted wisdom teeth.



Removes or reshapes the excess tissue surrounding the tooth.


Removes unwanted muscle attachments that restrict movement and cause speech impediments.



Removes oral fibroma’s that emerge from tissue being continuously irritated.

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