Patient Cases and Testimonials

Patient Cases

Patient Case 1

After one year of being in the Vivos appliance, this patient is more upright and his eyes are more open.

  • Muscles in the shoulders are more relaxed, not tender to light pressure.
  • Patient does not get as many headaches.
  • His grades improved.

patient_1_front_view      patient_1_ airway_scans

The picture on the left is after the traditional palatal expander.  The picture on the right is the patient after one year of being in the Vivos appliance – almost doubled the airway!  We still have about one year left to go in the appliance.  Imagine a coffee straw vs. regular straw – the volume difference is significant.  How much more air (oxygen) will get into the body?  A lot more oxygen will get to the body with his increase in his airway.

Patient Case 2

This patient after less than 1 year in treatment with his Vivos appliance, is able to close his mouth comfortably and his chin has a marked angle.  In addition to that, the patient is much more upright.

patient_2_side_view   patient_case_2_CBCT

Patient Case 3

This patients sinuses were blocked all of the time. Within 6 months of being in treatment with his Vivos appliance, his sinuses are clear (black area). He doesn’t remember the last time his sinuses were clear.  He can now breathe immensely better.

Patient_3_xrays          patient_3_rxays_after

Patient Case 4

This is Jackee.  After 6 months of treatment with the Vivos appliance,  she can now breathe through her right nostril significantly better!

Patient_4_Xrays      patient_4_after_xrays

Patient Case 5

Before seeing Dr. Havel, this patient suffered from intense headaches and she found it difficult to work, concentrate or lead a productive pain free life. Almost immediately, the patient became headache free and was amazed with the results after receiving DTR treatment from Dr. Havel.

“Almost immediately, I became headache free and am really amazed at the results that I have gotten. I am so appreciative of being treated by Dr Havel.”  Patient

Patient Case 6

This patient was suffering from extreme back pain and after seeking advice and treatment for years from multiple professional sources, a solution was finally found with Dr. Havel. Her DTR (Disclusion Time Reduction) treatment provided the patient with near instant pain relief.

“Her DTR (Disclusion Time Reduction) treatment has provided me nearly immediate relief of my discomfort and pain.”  Patient

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